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You have valuable content on your website, but do you know if it’s being read? Or read by the right people?  Even the best content won’t achieve your marketing goals if it doesn’t reach your target audience. By branding stories on, you can ensure your stories reach a highly engaged local audience.


What Is Branded Content/Native Advertising?

 Branded content, also called native advertising, matches the unique look and feel of a publisher’s site so it fits seamlessly into digital environments. Branded content is not brand-biased and focuses on informing, educating and entertainining the reader, rather than convincing, a target audience. These branded stories are most often listed in the form of “suggested articles” on popular websites. Branded content on local new sites is one of the most successful, effective forms of native advertising because:

Native advertisers experience a 33% lift in perceived credibility for native on well-regarded news sites.
Newspaper digital audience has grown twice as fast as the Internet audience in the past 12 months.
Newspaper content is 50% more likely to be retweeted than all other local media, including television & radio.





Why Branded Content On GannettNJ Sites? 

Many local and regional brands sponsor articles on blogs or other online publications with large pre-existing audiences that are global, not local. In other words, they pay for reach that won’t affect the bottom line. 

As a part of our native program, we offer a promotional plan that drives traffic to sponsored articles, ensuring they get engagement.

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