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Engaged Audience

Today’s consumers  – your consumers – spend more time engaging with content than ever before.

As their time engaging with content increases, so does the variety of material they consume. If a consumer wants to be informed, they seek a local news source. If they want to connect with friends, it’s social networks. If it’s particular information they seek, they’ll go to a search engine or specific-interest website.


October 2015, The Asbury Park Press launched a series titled Taxed Out to shed light on the tax issue in New Jersey and drive change. 


Over 120 Asbury Park Press readers attended Taxed out Town Hall, an event for the community to speak directly to lawmakers, hosted by the Asbury Park Press 

The story has generated over a 201,862 pageviews  and more than 34,000 social referrals. 


Over 12,000 readers have signed a petition to tell state leaders they want a property tax cut. 

55 lawmakers (42 Republican and 13 Democrats) have pledged to make a 10% property tax cut   

Read more about Taxed Out here.

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