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Social Media provides businesses a unique opportunity to connect and engage with their current and potential client base on a level like never before. Through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, companies can further relationship building and foster a positive online reputation.

Where are your customers right now?

If your customer is the average American, there’s a chance they are on Facebook. Even 56% of the 65 and older Internet audience is on Facebook, which equates to a surprisingly high 31% of all senior citizens. Even if your services or products appeal to an older clientele, you can still reach them with Social Media advertising through Facebook and other platforms.

More than just leads.

A significant purpose of your Social Media marketing efforts should be about connecting with customers, providing a higher quality of service and building credibility with your local community. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can effectively help you start a dialogue with potential customers and turn them into followers for life.

Social Media networks such as Facebook also allow for intricate targeting, enabling our Social Media professionals at Gannett NJ to target a specific persona to which your products, services or brand would appeal. This enables cost-effective Social Media ad targeting of the people who actually want to do business with you, as opposed to other advertising options that blanket everyone with a message they may not be interested in hearing.

The benefits of an effective Social Media campaign:

  • Hyper-targeted persona marketing
  • Lead-generation tools
  • One-to-one customer interaction
  • Credible word-of-mouth marketing

Gannett NJ's expertise includes:

  • Industry leading social audience targeting using BLiNQ MEDIA
  • Creation of custom content and social channel management
  • Optimally targeted Facebook persona advertising
  • Developing custom one-to-one relationships between your business and local customers
  • Custom analytics to measure the success of your campaigns

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